Walk around the Völser and Huber ponds

Leisurely, short tour around the Völser Weiher bathing lake lined with fir trees with an impressive view of the Schlern and then a detour to the Huber Weiher.

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Trip description

Parking lot Völser Weiher

We park our car at the parking lot Völser Weiher and walk from here to the right at the tennis court of the Hotel Waldsee past in the direction of Völser Weiher. At the small crossroads, turn left and walk along the pleasant forest path in front of the hotel. On the right side is the Völser Weiher, of which you can not yet see much because of the reeds. Along the shore there are some nice places to linger. In the morning hours there is also little activity at the public jetty, which is easily accessible with a wheelchair. A small café with a terrace is ideal for a delicious coffee. Disabled toilets are next door.

Walk around the Völser Weiher pond and on to the Huber Weiher pond

From the public footbridge on the eastern shore, we walk past the Kneipp pool through the forest. After about 300 metres we reach another junction at a volleyball court. Here we go left in the direction of Huber Weiher/Tuffalm. On the short piece of forest road there is a barrier, which however opens automatically when approaching by a light barrier. Otherwise there is also the possibility to drive past it on the left. Here you might need an escort or another hiker to hold the gate open for a short while. Following the forest road we come after a few minutes to the Huber pond. Turning left we follow the circular path around the pond. There are benches for resting at intervals, and it is also a good place to enjoy the sun.

The way back is via the forest path, which automatically leads us back to the parking lot. 

Note: Supplementary tour Tuffalm or Moarmühle

If this leisurely walk is not enough for you, you can complete the circular route around the Völser Weiher lake with a Continue to the Tuffalm or with a return trip via the Moarmühle in Ums connect. Please note the different level of difficulty here.

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Trail conditions

Around the ponds there is a wide rutted forest path, which has been cleared of stones and tree roots and is good to ride on in good weather. In bad weather, however, it is rather muddy. The connecting path between the two ponds is an unpaved, well-maintained forest road. In summer, horse-drawn carriages drive here to the Tuffalm, then the road can be somewhat dirty. Due to the width of the forest road, this should not be a problem. 


Approach via Blumau in the direction of Völs am Schlern. There, in the district of St. Anton, directly behind the bus stop, turn right in the direction of Völser Weiher.
Approach from Brixen via Kastelruth/Seiser Alm to Völs am Schlern. Here, in the outlying district of St. Anton, turn left at the Hotel St. Anton in the direction of Völser Weiher.

Time requirement

The pure circumnavigation of the ponds without breaks takes about 45 minutes.

Difference in altitude

Around the ponds it is relatively flat, the forest road rises about 30 m.

Suitable wheelchair

  • all

Accompanying person

An escort is not normally required unless you are generally in need of assistance.

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Level of difficulty



This is a pleasant circular route with a low gradient of max. 6 %, well-maintained paths and plenty of opportunities to rest.

Resting facilities

Inn Völser Weiher, café/swimming hut at the public jetty


Accessible toilet

A barrier-free WC is located in the swimming hut/café Völser Weiher at the public bathing jetty.

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