Here’s an overview of the pictograms used in the tour descriptions and their meanings.

Each symbol/pictogram stands for a point which can be decisive when making your choice.

The symbols and their meanings


Accompanying person

For these tours, you should take an accompanying person with you, as there are sections of the route that are difficult to manage independently.


Resting facilities

There are resting facilities on the tour, where you can get something to eat and drink or just rest for a while. You can find more information about the facilities in the tour description.


Accessible toilet

On this trip, there is an accessible toilet. To find out where along the way the toilets actually are situated, please read the tour description.


Wheelchair with traction device

This tour can only be done using a traction device, preload wheel, or four-wheeled traction motor. More information can be found in the tour description.


Disabled parking

At the starting point of the tour or close to the starting point, there are one or more disabled parking spaces. Please enquire about parking fees on site


Gradients of 13% and more

On this tour, you can expect gradients of 13% and more. These can be quite short sections, but they should not go unnoticed. At which point on the tour there are steep gradients, you can read in the trip description.

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