Wheelchair Tours


Here we explain the levels of difficulty in more detail. Since we have driven the trails ourselves, we can provide relatively good descriptions, but these are always just snapshots for the day on which we were there. Please note therefore also our risk warnings

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  • suitable for beginners
  • gradients from 6% to 12%
  • navigable without assistance
  • can be driven without traction device
  • no reverse driving necessary


  • suitable for advanced users
  • gradients of 13% to 20%
  • road conditions: gravel path or unpaved forest road
  • navigable without assistance
  • should be driven with traction motor or with a more powerful front traction device
  • reverse driving is partly necessary, depending on the power and supplies of the traction device
    depending on the strength and equipment of the towing device


  • suitable for experts
  • gradients of more than 20%
  • road condition: mostly off-road,
    with large stones, tree roots and river crossings
  • mandatory with accompanying person
  • should, in any case, be driven on with a powerful, four-wheeled traction device
  • parts of the trip have to be driven backwards
    be navigated

Please note that something may have changed since we were last on the tour. If so, please let us know! Please note that we cannot assume any liability.

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