Along the Oswald Promenade

The Oswald Promenade, which winds its way along the sunny slopes around Bolzano, invites you to take a leisurely stroll against a picturesque backdrop all year round.

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Trip description

Starting point at the Schlössl Mühle

Coming from the west, the Oswald Promenade begins opposite the Schlössl Mill in St. Anton Straße and leads the first 500 m with a moderate gradient of up to 12% into the vineyards. In serpentines, the well-built path, kept in check by gardeners, winds further up the vineyards. The curves in the switchbacks are a bit tight and may require some maneuvering depending on the width and length of the wheelchair and traction motor. In between, you can always admire the beautiful nature and the abundance of flowers of the individual plants as well as the view over the districts of Bolzano. Benches are available to rest on at regular intervals.
After about 800 m of path, the final height is reached and the promenade now leads through a sparse forest evenly around the mountain. At various points you can enjoy the view again and again. Shortly afterwards you reach rock towers made of phopyr, which are passed and called "Wild Men" or also "Black Men" and are one of the highlights of the Oswald promenade. 

From the rock towers to the Hotel Eberle

After about 1.2 km there is the possibility to turn right again in the direction of Bolzano. However, this path is not barrier-free, as after a short time there are steps and very rough pavement. We therefore continue to follow the promenade straight ahead and repeatedly come across information boards that offer informative insights into the surrounding natural landscape. The variety of sub-Mediterranean shrubs, trees and flowers that grow here on the porphyry slopes rising up to the Ritten makes the path particularly enjoyable for plant lovers. After 1.6 km, a viewpoint is reached which offers a comparative image of the town of Bolzano in the past. We continue hiking and after 2.1 km we reach the Hotel & Restaurant Eberle.

If you don't want to walk the last part of the way because of the steep slope or if you want to return directly to the car, you can turn around at this point and go back the same way. 

From Hotel Eberle through St. Magdalena back to Bolzano

Due to the steep gradient the Level of difficulty at RED.

From Hotel Eberle, the asphalt road leads through the picturesque village of St. Magdalena with its small 13th century church, picturesque vineyards and views of the Catinaccio. Following the signs towards Bolzano now comes the most difficult passage: a gradient with up to 30%, but on asphalt road. Via the Untermagdalenaweg you get back to the Brennerstraße, from where you can continue with a tour of the town or go straight back to the car park. To do this, you can turn right from Brennerstraße into Oswaldweg and return to the starting point.

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Trail conditions

Well passable hiking trail, which was reconditioned with fine gravel. In St. Magdalena asphalted road.


If you want to start the Oswald Promenade from the west (our favourite), you will find the nearest disabled parking spaces in Weggensteinstraße. Otherwise, disabled parking spaces can be found scattered throughout the city of Bolzano. (Attention! The city centre may only be entered with special permission - please observe the signs accordingly).
The promenade can also be driven from the east. To do this, you start in St. Magdalena. The only parking spaces here are at the Hotel Eberle, which are not public and may only be used as a guest of the restaurant or the hotel.

Time requirement

In total approx. 1 hour from the starting point down via St. Magdalena to the Brenner road. 

Difference in altitude

about 100 meters of altitude.

Suitable wheelchair

  • Wheelchair with traction device
  • off-road power wheelchairs

Accompanying person

An escort is not necessary as the path is well maintained and the part with the steepest gradient is asphalted.

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Level of difficulty



Due to the slope at the end of the route of up to 30%, but the otherwise very moderate course of max. 12%, we have decided to classify this as a tour for beginners. However, if you take the last stretch from Hotel Eberle, the difficulty level changes to RED. An accompanying person is possibly helpful on the steep slopes or in the serpentines regarding the manoeuvring, but not absolutely necessary.

Resting facilities

various refreshment stops in Bolzano, Hotel Eberle in St. Magdalena 


We didn't test any venues then, but will do so next time and report back then.

Accessible toilet

In the city of Bolzano there are two underground car parks: the Waltherplatz and the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology public barrier-free toilets.

There are also barrier-free toilets in the Hotel Eberle.

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