Hike along the Guntschna promenade

Hike along the Guntschnapromenade above Bolzano with a view of the Dolomites and the Eisack Valley.

Level of difficulty


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Trip description

From the Gries Parish Church to the Herb Garden

We start in front of the old Gries parish church in Martin-Knoller-Straße and follow this past the kindergarten and the sports centre. At the end of the street, we turn left and follow Michael-Pacher-Straße for a few metres before the entrance to the Guntschnapromenade becomes visible on the right. We follow the promenade path and enjoy the beautiful flora, the sculptures and the view of Bolzano. In addition, right at the beginning of the promenade you can marvel at an Art Nouveau walking hall and a stalactite column, which remind us of the heyday of the Gries district 100 years ago, when the market town was still independent and one of the most important spas of the Habsburg Empire on the south side of the Alps. Information boards also regularly point out the history of the Habsburgs. The promenade path winds its way comfortably up the mountain with a maximum gradient of 10%. 

Along the Guntschna Promenade

After about 800 m, the Panorama Trail crosses the Glaninger Weg, which consists of very rough cobblestones. Here, some caution is advised when crossing, but afterwards the path continues as usual and climbs with a gradient of max. 10 %. You can now leisurely enjoy the view, ride past vineyards and through sections of forest and keep your face in the sun. Unfortunately, the Guntschnapromenade then ends relatively abruptly at the SP99 road to Jenesien; as a conclusion, you can see the Reichriegler Hof near Glaning from here, which was considered the jewel of the former spa town and, as a spa hotel, was one of the top addresses in the town of Bolzano and the surrounding area. Even today you can still enjoy some time out here.

The way back is the same as the way there.

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Trail conditions

Continuously wide, unpaved path with fine gravel and sand. In between, cobblestones are incorporated and a path is crossed that consists of very coarse cobblestones.


Through Bolzano in the direction of Gries. Here along Freiheitsstrasse to the Gries Parish Church or to the Collegiate Church. There are several disabled parking spaces in front of the collegiate church on Grieser Platz and in the streets around the Old Gries Parish Church.

Time requirement

There and back in total about 1 1/2 hours.

Difference in altitude

The promenade climbs slowly in serpentines, covering about 130 metres in altitude.

Suitable wheelchair

  • Wheelchair with traction device
  • off-road power wheelchairs

Accompanying person

An accompanying person is not necessary. If the wheelchair has difficulty negotiating narrower bends due to its width/length, some help may be useful. There is also a short stretch of very rough cobblestones that must be crossed. Help may be needed here if the wheelchair with traction motor could get stuck. 

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Level of difficulty



This is an easy route to follow, as it is very well developed and attention is paid to the quality of the path throughout. The gradients are softened by serpentines and there are always small places to linger. The route runs partly through forest, but there are also sunny sections. An accompanying person should not normally be necessary.

Resting facilities


We didn't test any venues then, but will do so next time and report back then.

Accessible toilet

The Restaurant Post Gries is barrier-free and has a barrier-free WC in the basement, which, however, can only be reached by a very narrow lift. Larger wheelchairs cannot get down here. The restaurant itself is only partially barrier-free.

In the city of Bolzano there are two underground car parks: the Waltherplatz and the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology public barrier-free toilets.

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