Through the Puez-Odle Nature Park to the Kaserill Alp

From the Zanser Alm with its wild animal enclosure past the majestic Geislern to the cosy Kaserill-Alm.

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Trip description

From the Zanser Alm on the wheelchair-friendly circular hiking trail

Our hike begins at the Zanser Alm, which is mostly known to wheelchair users, as this is where the first wheelchair-accessible high-altitude circular trail was laid out by the Forestry and Domain Office of the Province of Bolzano. We also start our circular route on this trail and turn right from the car park in the direction of Zanser Alm. Shortly after the alpine hut, the path divides and we take the left one, which is marked as a wheelchair hiking path. On this path, however, we have to overcome a few small obstacles, such as gates or bridges. At the time of our visit, the ground in front of the bridges had been washed out by water, so there were small steps at the bridges. After approx. 700 m on the circular trail, we cross trail no. 6, which leads to the right to the Gampenalm and left to Zans leads back. We decide to go straight ahead and master the first major ascent. Up to this point the trail has been manageable with about 10 % - 15 %.

From the circular hiking trail to the Kaserill Alm

Soon we meet the first signs of the nature trail at a small rest area. Now we go uphill in serpentines until the paths cross again. The nature adventure trail continues straight ahead and those who only want to do the smaller tour continue along this. On the left, forest road no. 33 leads back to Zans and on the right, among other things, to the Kaserill Alm. We turn right and after a short while we have another challenge to overcome by going backwards up the next 350 m (approx. 15 % - 30 %). Now, behind the next bend, the valley opens up and we can comfortably follow our path along the Kaserill stream at a gradient of about 10 %. After about 500 m we reach a bridge, which is not passable due to the large stones used as steps to the bridge. However, the forest road itself goes straight next to the bridge through the riverbed and we take this path as well. Should the river have more water at another time, a crossing may not be possible. Slowly we start to thaw out again, as the last section was in the shadow of the mountains and we now reach meadows again where the sun is shining strongly. The forest path leads leisurely to the left of the river across the alpine meadows. After a while there is a turn-off on the right towards the Gampenalm, which we safely ignore and continue straight ahead towards the Kaserill Alm. Shortly before we reach the Kaserill Alm, the trail enters a wooded section again and winds its way up the last 500 m in serpentines with a gradient of 12 % - 30 %.

The way back is the same as the way there.

Tip: Nature discovery trail Zans

Instead of the tour to the Kaserill Alm, you can also take the Wheelchair-accessible nature discovery trail Zans around the Zanser Alm or, if required, combine it with the tour described here.

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Trail conditions

Continuously wide, unpaved forest path with fine gravel, crossing of a riverbed necessary.


Via the Eisack Valley into the Villnöss Valley to the meeting point/info point Zans.

Time requirement

There and back in total about 3 hours.

Difference in altitude

About 250 m.

Suitable wheelchair

  • Manual wheelchair with a strong traction device
  • All-terrain electric wheelchairs with powerful drive

Accompanying person

Due to the sometimes steep inclines of the forest road and the associated reversing, an accompanying person should be present for assistance. There is also a river bed to be crossed, where pushing assistance may be needed.

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Level of difficulty



It is a well-built forest road, which has only moderate gradients in the meantime and can therefore be ridden very comfortably in sections. However, due to the 2 rather steep inclines, the riverbed crossing and the necessity of reversing the traction motors, which would slide forward on the gravel surface, it is rather a route for advanced riders. A companion should also be present for the steep climbs.

Accessible toilet

At the Zans meeting point (directly at the front of the car park and at the Infopoint) there is a barrier-free WC (not tested myself).

In the Kaserill Alm, the toilets are unfortunately not accessible as they are reached via a spiral staircase.

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