Hike across the plateau of the Vigiljoch

Take the cable car up to the Vigiljoch with a view of the Etschtal and the Dolomites.

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Trip description

From the mountain station of the Vigiljoch cable car to Gampl Alm

Already the ride up to the top station of the Vigiljoch cable car is an experience. The cable car goes in a relatively steep angle directly up the mountain and you have a panoramic view of the Adige Valley from the large cabin. For people who are not afraid of heights, it is best to go up on the side facing the mountain. For wheelchair users, however, this is not possible, because due to the balance of the cable car a fixed place is assigned by the cabin attendant.

After leaving the mountain station of the Vigiljoch cable car at 1,450 m, we follow hiking trail no. 34 past the Vigilius Mountain Resort. This initially leads with approx. 10% and loosened up by roughly curved serpentines, pleasantly upwards. The trail repeatedly crosses the Vigiljoch chairlift and leads up through a sparse larch forest. At the beginning, the path is more like a forest and meadow path, but gradually it turns into a forest road with gravel. The gradient changes again and again between a pleasant 5-10%. After a while the forest gives way to meadows where Haflinger horses graze. To the left of an alpine meadow lies here the cozy built into the mountain. Gampl Alm.

From the Gampl Alm to the Gasthof Seespitz

After about 1 hour and an ascent (about 200 m long with a gradient of 13%) we reach the Vigiljoch at 1,743 m. At this crossroads we choose trail no. 9, which takes us to the Schwarze Lacke pond and the Restaurant Seespitz at 1,760 m. On the way we pass the little church of St. Vigilius, which was first mentioned in a document in the 12th century and is known as the weather church. The view of the surrounding mountains is truly unique from here. Except for small sections, hiking trail no. 9 has few ascents; rather, it rises slowly and then drops off again slightly. Only on the stretch between the Wetterkirche and the Seespitz Inn are there two sections that have a somewhat steeper gradient of about 10%. However, as the trail is well developed, these are easy to master.

The way back is the same as the way there.

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Trail conditions

Forest road throughout. Initially a well-built forest and hiking trail, then increasingly filled with fine gravel. Shortly behind the church again wide hiking trail.


Approach via the MeBo in the direction of Lana. There follow the signs "Seilbahn Vigiljoch" to the valley station.
There are no disabled parking spaces available at the valley station. However, shortly before you drive past the bus station and the mountain rescue service - here you will find 1 disabled parking space.

Time requirement

Round trip approx. 2 hours.

Difference in altitude

It goes up about 340 meters of altitude, but not continuously, but all alternating.

Suitable wheelchair

  • Manual wheelchair with a strong traction device
  • off-road power wheelchairs
  • small quad

Accompanying person

An escort is not necessary with a strong leader wheel or traction motor. However, short sections are to be driven backwards. If there is any uncertainty here, an escort is advisable.

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Level of difficulty



An escort is not mandatory for this tour, you should have no problem with driving backwards in sections on steep climbs. The slopes are mostly between 5 - 13%. The route is usually relatively busy, as the local mountain of Lana is a popular hiking destination. With a strong leader wheel or a four-wheeled traction motor the tour should be well doable.

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