Up to the Haniger Schwaige at the foot of the Rosengarten

Through colourful larch forest and across alpine meadows up to the picturesquely situated Haniger Schwaige below the Violet towers.

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Trip description

From the parking lot to the small bridge

We park in the parking lot at hairpin bend 8 in the direction of Niger Pass. The bend is quite generously designed, because there are also bus stops here. However, it can be quite crowded depending on the season. There is no disabled parking here. Hiking trail no. 7a starts directly at the hairpin bend in the direction of Haniger Schwaiger, which we follow via a forest road with fine gravel through the forest. Initially, the path leads almost exclusively through the forest, which can be very pleasant in hot temperatures, but in autumn already relatively fresh. Already at the 1 km there are slopes of up to 15%, but due to the gravel road they are easy to ride. If the tractor or the electric wheelchair has little grip, these slopes can be driven backwards. After the 1 km we reach a strong right turn, which now leads us along the path above the Angelbach. We can't see the brook yet, but the soundscape is wonderful. Shortly afterwards we meet hiking trail no. 7b, but we leave it on the left and follow the now comfortable forest path with a gradient of approx. 5%. After a while we reach another crossroads, from which an access road to the meadows leads off to the right. Stay on the forest road and follow it uphill with gradients of up to 17%. After 2 km from the car park, we reach the junction of trail no. 7 with trail no. 10, where there is an opportunity to admire a bridge over the Angelbach stream and, depending on the wheelchair, also to ride on it. 

From the bridge over the alpine meadows to the Schwaige

After a few snapshots on the bridge, we continue. This time we follow the hiking trail no. 10 in a strong right turn. The first section of the trail is very steep and therefore partly concreted. Here it goes up with up to 25%, but by riding backwards on the gravel and through the concreted sections this gradient can be done well. Here the forest becomes a bit thinner until it completely gives way to an alpine meadow. Now you can enjoy the sun again after the long forest section. The view is also magnificent. From here you can look over Tiers into the Eisacktal valley, with the mighty Rosengarten at your back. Trail no. 10 now runs in serpentines up the alpine meadows, with gradients of 10-15% throughout. At the particularly critical points there are again concreted sections. After about 3 km from the car park, high up on the alpine meadow, the trail flattens out again and leads through a small wooded hollow to the left in the direction of the Haniger Schwaige, which we thus comfortably reach. 

The way back is the same as the way there.

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Trail conditions

Continuously wide forest road, partly with fine gravel, partly with asphalt strips on the somewhat steeper parts. On the alpine meadows the gravel is somewhat coarser and washed out in some places.


From Bolzano in the direction of Blumau and there in the direction of Schlerngebiet/Tiers am Rosengarten. Behind the Faust Inn, turn right in the direction of Tiers/St. Zyprian. Behind St. Zyprian on the way to the Nigerpass in the bend no. 8 is the small parking lot. The bus stop is called Haniger Schwaige.

Time requirement

Round trip total about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Difference in altitude

On this tour 370 meters of altitude are mastered.

Suitable wheelchair

  • Wheelchair with traction device
  • off-road power wheelchairs

Accompanying person

A companion should be present on this tour, especially to provide pushing assistance now and then, should the tractor not cope well with slippery ground. In addition, it could be that steeper sections are rather driven backwards and then four eyes always see more than two.

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Level of difficulty



Although the tour has relatively steep inclines, we believe that this can be driven well due to the concrete sections and with an appropriate traction device. However, to be on the safe side, an escort should be present to assist on the difficult sections.

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