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Do wheelchair users go camping?

accessible holiday
All of honestly, we haven't really gotten into camping yet.

However, we find the idea behind it super - just drive off and stop where you like it and of course where you are allowed to stop. If you like it, you spend a few days there and jet off to the next town or the beach with the Vespa or e-bike you brought with you (hardly anyone rides a manually operated bike anymore).

That just sounds fucking awesome.

But is it really that simple, or do other questions go through your mind as a wheelchair user, such as?

There's no end to the questions!

Okay, as I said, we are beginners and have no idea at all. Reason enough to take a look at the topic of barrier-free campsites in South Tyrol. gotta start somewhere.

And as inexperienced campers you would probably first drive from campsite to campsite and not immediately start with wild camping or Similar start - safety first!

and you want to enjoy a bit of comfort on holiday after all 😉 .

So the question becomes:

What campsites are available and are there accessible facilities such as washroom, toilets,
Restaurant etc. ?

Let's start at the beginning:

Campsites in South Tyrol

accessible holiday

So apparently there's a lot of that going on.

Once you start firing up the famous and universally beloved search engine...n, dann you get a long list of campsites - from luxury like glamping to spartan.

In total there are about 115 campsites.

So there is everything from 1-star to 5-star campsites, what the heart desires. In addition to glamping, there is camping at the lake, winter camping - then of course in a caravan or camper (who likes to sleep in a tent in winter 😉 ), camping in the Dolomites etc. pp.

The onlye, what South Tyrol does not have to offer here is a Nudist campsite, do do that, you have to drive a little further. 

What is a "barrier-free campsite" for us?

accessible holiday
That's a question you probably need to ask yourself before you start looking for a campsite.
Let's take a quick look: What do we consider to be part of an accessible campsite?
So first of all, the paths are paved and well passable with the wheelchair alone or with a traction device, without getting stuck in the mud in rainy weather, for example. The places for the camper or the caravan are also paved, at least so that you can enter the mobile home with the wheelchair without having to drive over grass or through the "dirt". Of course you clean off the wheelchair tyres before you go inside - you do that at home too, but brushing away a thick layer of mud every time, who wants to do that.

Of course - without greenery around it and with the associated coziness it does not work.

Then, for us, ground-level entrances or at least easily accessible ramps belong to the buildings and by buildings we mean all buildings that can also be used by other guests. Restaurant, mini-market, reception, washroom - i.e. for washing dishes or laundry. - recreation room etc. The rest depends on the equipment of the campsite.

And last but not least - the wet room. This should have at least one barrier-free toilet per gender, barrier-free washbasins and barrier-free showers. with, - if you can use it would like to - shower seat and grab bars. So a barrier-free Bath, like it's regulation.

Something is missing? Ah, of course you should have the possibility to leave the campsite. South Tyrol is located in the mountains and certainly there is one or the other campsite that was built on a slope. By car and on foot you can get back up the slope relatively easily, but with a wheelchair it can be more difficult depending on the gradient.

So it would be great if we didn't have to cope with a gradient of 30 % every time we want to leave the campsite for an excursion, because we want to leave the camper/caravan on the site, otherwise our "dream scenario" won't come true.

And the e-handbike or traction device you brought along also wants to be used 😉 

Are there campsites that meet these expectations?

accessible holiday

We have made a small list - this is much easier than writing it all down here - and clearer.

In the overview you see 15 campsites, which according to CampingSouth Tyrol „are "handicapped accessible" (a total of 30 campsites out of 115). After activating the filter on CampingSüdtirol, we simply picked out the first 15 and did not sort any further). Then we researched on the Internet and tried to classify the campsites according to our criteria regarding accessibility.

Attention! This is really just internet research - we have not visited any of the campsites mentioned. (See more about this below)


accessible holiday
After an initial search on the Internet, the question is simply unanswerable.
This is mainly because the assumptions behind the term "accessible campsites" are very different - among operators, among us, among other people who would find accessible campsites desirable.

There is only one thing that helps - contact campsites that state that they are "handicapped accessible" or barrier-free in advance by phone or e-mail and keep nagging until you have all the important information together.

Basically, then:
(and that's probably the case with all holiday bookings 😉 )

You won't settle for that?

Then you are like us - we would also like to have a better overview of the different possibilities for barrier-free camping in South Tyrol and therefore here is our offer:

Drop us a comment!

 - in which you let us know which campsite you would like to have a closer look at.

Of course, you can also write when you say:

Camping - barrier-free? What a nonsense - I'd much rather go to a hotel!

In any case, it's quite a bit of work to gather the information and we don't shy away from the work, BUT of course it would be great if this information was actually "used".

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